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 Stärke Tooling - Proud supplier of Tooling and Components used for production of 2020/21 Corvette Vehicles

Stärke Tooling 

At Stärke Tooling, our business is all about assisting our client's access value across a range of Advanced Manufacturing services but specialising in molds and dies as well as the products produced from them.
​We have assisted a wide range of clients across diverse industry sectors including :   
  • Defence and Automotive
  • Medical and Renewable Energy                                                              
  • Food / Beverage and Mining
  • Furniture and Consumer Products
Stärke Tooling has a global client base with a particular presence in North America. We have assets in Low-Cost Country, ( LCC ) and have supplied and exported tooling and components since 1994. Through this, we have built up a highly sought after strength in this field. We manage programs for clients across a range of validated suppliers in a range of countries. Our policy is one of strict validation and of basing Stärke engineers in proximity to our supply partners to ensure quality and timing and to resolve any issues as promptly as possible.
  • Injection, Casting, and Stamping Tooling 

  • Prototyping ( Plastic, Metal, Sheetmetal ) 

  • Component & Assembly Supply

  • 3D Metal, 3D Plastic parts

  • Precision Machined Parts

  • Specialty Tooling - Conformally Cooled, Multi-Shot, High Gloss


I would like thank you and your Stärke Tooling Team for completing this T0 trial with good parts.

A mold of this complexity (6 slide actions) and size (34 tonne) being completed in such a short 10 week lead-time

is a major achievement.

To add to the achievement is the fact that the 4th part in T0 was a good part that fit our cold plate and other  mating components.

I would also like to mention the non stop hours of work since Wednesday morning of the tooling & moulding

technicians is greatly appreciated.

On behalf of my entire Coca-Cola Freestyle Team you have our greatest appreciation for the effort.  Thank You,

Rav Shrot - DFX & NPI Manager, Atlanta, GA, USA

Grant, I would like to thank your team for the professional way that they were able to navigate the expedited shipment of the four tools allowing us to meet the Build Dates for our client.
Mike - Lancer Corporation, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Their attention to detail, as well as feedback made it easy for us to keep our client constantly informed on project progress.

Callum - Alpine Technologies, Victoria, Australia

Stärke Tooling delivered a time critical Hot Stamp Tooling package for Mercedes B-Pillars at a quality that allowed us to submit production level parts from first Trial.

Rick - Eagle Bend MFG Magna, Tennessee, USA