Molds and Dies


Injection Molds


Stärke Tooling has expertise across a range of injection molding disciplines including :


Hot runner sequential valve gated components


Long life high volume tooling typically suited to packaging and medical industries.


Two color and rotational tooling


Large complex tooling with multiple daylights and challenging core movements.


Expertise at finding economical solutions to large tooling package challenges.

Cast Metal Molds


Stärke Tooling has expertise across a range of casting disciplines including :


Green Sand Casting ( DISA etc )


High Pressure Casting


Low Pressure Casting


Sand Casting


Core Boxes


Extrusion Tooling


MIM Tooling

Cold Stamping Dies


Stärke Tooling has expertise across a range of Cold Stamping disciplines including :


Progressive Dies


Modular Tooling


Pick and Place Tooling


Transfer Tooling


Fabricated and Cast Tooling

Hot Stamping Dies


Stärke Tooling is rapidly being sought after due to its expertise in the design and manufacture of tooling for Hot Stamping.


Our strong cavity mold background has provided a deep understanding for conformal cooling as well as cooling of challenging cross sections allowing for Hot Stamped parts of consistent quality.


Precise Global supplies complete dies as well as a service to replace worn or damaged die inserts.



Stärke Tooling has simulation capability across the tooling products it manufactures. Precise Global uses computer simulation coupled to decades of experience to provide tooling which performs well providing components of integrity and quality.


Injection Mold : Flow, Cooling and Warpage analysis. 


Casting Molds : Flow, Cooling, Shrinkage analysis.


Stamping : Flow, Stress, Layout analysis


Hot Stamping : Flow, Cooling analysis

Jigs, Fixturing, Gauges

Jigs and fixtures are production tools used to 

accurately manufacture duplicate and interchangeable parts. Jigs and fixtures are specially designed so that large numbers of components can be machined or assembled identically, and to ensure interchangeability of components.


Based on its automotive background, Precise Global has decades of experience in the design of Jigs, Fixturing and Gauges.

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