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​At Stärke Tooling, our business is all about assisting our clients access value across a range of Advanced Manufacturing services and products but most importantly moulds and dies as well as the products produced from them.

We have assisted a wide range of clients across diverse industry sectors including :

- Defence 

- Automotive

- Medical

- Renewable Energy

- Mining 

- Food and Beverage

- Aerospace 

- Consumer Products

Stärke Tooling can help you redesign your products to take cost out, or assist with your concept design and take it all the way to a commercial packaged product. Our program managers have access to a vast range of Advanced Manufacturing support internally as well via a validated group of partner suppliers both locally and in LCC's.

Stärke Tooling has a global client base and in particular North America. We have exported tooling programs manufactured in our mold and die shops and completed product and assemblies since 1994. We have assets in Low Cost Country, ( LCC ) and have supplied tooling and components since 1994 building up a highly sought after strength in this field. We manage programs for clients across a range of validated suppliers in a range of countries. Our policy is one of strict validation and of basing Stärke Tooling engineers in proximity to our supply partners to ensure quality and timing and to resolve any issues as promptly as possible.​​

Stärke Tooling is a proud supplier of tooling to support the 2020 Dodge Charger and Challenger build

Stärke Tooling is a proud supplier of tooling to support the 2020 Dodge Charger and Challenger build


Stärke Advanced Manufacturing Group logos

Stärke Tooling is a member of the Stärke-AMG.

Stärke Tooling is able to access the full services of the group to provide customers with a seamless integrated service of Advanced Manufacturing services.
These include design, prototyping, mold and die manufacture, machining, component manufacture and assembly, fabrication, route to market.


From initial concept through to delivered product.

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