Program and Commercialisation Management


Design and Prototype

Internally we have a large capacity design team utilising the latest 3D CAD design and simulation packages. 


We can assist in taking your concepts though to fully engineered and designed assemblies and then validate designs via simulation and the production of visual or fully functional prototypes.


Stärke Tooling has the ability to produce several different types of prototype using 3D printing, CNC Machining, Silicon Molding etc


The group operates modern high-tech facilities that utilise latest generation CNC machining equipment and CADCAM technology to provide highly efficient manufacturing processes. Our manufacturing philosophy is driven through Lean Manufacturing principles, providing our operation the ability to continually increase quality while reducing costs and lead times.


Stärke Tooling manufacure single molds and stamping dies or benefit from tour ability to manage large, complex and time dependant tooling packages.



Stärke Tooling has a large validated list of local and LCC suppliers across most product groups. Our expertise provides our customers with surety and peace of mind in insuring that all product meets Stärke Tooling and our clients quality and delivery expectations.

Electronics and Software

Stärke Tooling utilise the services of two long term partners for electronics and software development.


Stärke Tooling is building a strong reputation for assisting clients develop products involving high degrees of complexity.


Packaging and Assembly

Stärke Tooling assembles and packages product for a growing range of clients as well as several of our own products.


Our assembly engineers have expertise in a wide range of product assembly from simple to complex involving software, electronics and medical.


At Stärke Tooling we have a reputation for continuous improvement and innovation. Our group is now extremely vertically integrated providing the ideal environment for sharing ideas and technology across the group.


We employ bright, CAN-DO staff who know how important innovation is for our clients as well as our own businesses.