3D Printed Prototypes


Stärke Tooling has multiple 3D printers onsite which are used to assist in customer product development but also are available as a bureau service.

Machined Prototypes


Quite often to achieve large size, dimensionally accurate prototypes greater than 750mm ( 30 inches ), CNC machining is required. This is an area in which we excel with over 35 years of complex 3D machining experience behind us coupled to a fleet of precision 5 and 7 axis machine tools.


Machining is also useful and economical in producing certain types of products that will eventually be cast.



Casting Prototypes

3D printed patterns, core boxes

Plaster molds for high and low pressure aluminum.


Gravity / sand cast low volume solutions as well as fully machined parts where appropriate to gauge components and validate fitments.

Press Metal Prototypes

Stärke Tooling can provide a range of techniques best suited to product shape / complexity / volume required in determining a prototyping strategy for press metal parts.


Our engineering team has decades of experience in this particular area of prototyping coupled to substantial equipment assets to ensure your prototypes ae turned around quickly.


Fabrication Prototypes


Stärke Tooling has considerable expertise in the use of laser, waterjet and plasma cutting coupled to precision fabrication equipment .

If you require components and assemblies fast then Stärke Tooling can help you. 

Innovation in Prototypes


Stärke Tooling has prototype expertise across a range of disciplines. This is especially helpful if you require complex assemblies produced from multiple materials.


Our engineering team will review your prototyping requirements with respect to dimensional accuracy, aesthetics, and strength and present a best fit solution to you ensuring that you only pay for what you require.


Stärke Tooling is constantly investing in equipment and its people to ensure that it stays at the forefront in this area.